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    Experience the harbours of fuerteventura

    The island of Fuerteventura has several harbours from which you can choose the vacation experience that most appeals to you.

    Or, you can recover from any one of these more energetic excursions by just lazing on a beautiful beach and soaking up the sun.

    If you are planning to visit Fuerteventura

    , you will need some guidance as to the best place to stay for your personal nautical adventure.

    To help you choose your ideal boat trip, each harbour is described below.

    Puerto del Rosario

    Puerto del Rosario is an antique fishers town on the eastern part of our lovely island Fuerteventura.
    The towns population is around 30.000 citizens.
    With an subtropical climate with an average of 25 degrees celcius it's one of europe's most sunny places. We don't have a lot of natural white sandy beaches in the canarian islands but in fuerteventura you are lucky to be able to v.....

    Read all about the Puerto del Rosario harbour.

    Morro Jable

    Puerto del Morrojable is an harbour named after the morrojable lighthouse,
    wich is the tallest of al the islands. IN the harbour there are 290 mooring places for boats with an longtitud of 35 meters and a draft of 5 meters.
    the harbour is provided with a marine fuel station. You can enjoy food and drinks etc. near the harbour marina,
    and ofcourse a variety of boat excursion.....

    Read all about the Puerto de Morro Jable harbour.

    Puerto del Castillo

    Puerto del castillo is an harbour located just 10 minutes from the airport and puerto del rosario.
    You got the possibility to experience various activities like boat excursions, submarine excursions, watersport activities and scubadiving.
    It has 110 mooring places for boats with an maximum draft of 5 meters and a longtitud of 16 meters.
    Provided with local bars and retaurants wi.....

    Read all about the Puerto del castillo harbour.

    Puerto de Corralejo

    Puerto del corralejo is one of the two main touristic towns of the island facing islet de lobos.
    its harbour has mooring places for 215 boats with an longtitud up to 15 meters and a draft of 5 meters.
    there is the possibility to enjoy various activities like boat excursions, watersport activities, etc.
    The pleasant climate makes it possible to experience trough the whole year .....

    Read all about the Puerto del corralejo harbour.

    Puerto Gran Tarajal

    Gran tarajal is a fishers village in the south of fuerteventura.
    The harbour of gran tarajal is provided with 170 mooring places.

    Situated in the little village Gran Tarajal.
    This harbour marine is equipped with shower and toilets.
    Facilities directly at the harbour.

    It also has a travel lift and boat yard.
    Gran Tarajal also has restaura.....

    Read all about the Puerto Gran Tarajal harbour.

    If you are thinking about private boat hire...

    With all these boats to hire, it can be overwhelming to find and charter the right boat for you and your group to rent.
    At Gran Canaria Boat Trips,
    we want to help you with making the right decision to and find the best boat within your budget and top service and with the confidence you made the right choice.
    So we created this helpful guide in helping you To rent a private boat on Fuerteventura!

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